Pencil Christmas Trees

Christmas Pencil Trees Are The Answer To Small Spaces!

The holidays are such a great time of year, and one of the best parts of the whole season is decorating your home, and of course, your Christmas Tree. But are you running out of room for a large tree, or is your living area is just to small and you are considering not putting one up? Don’t let a small space stop you from having the joy of a tree this year, you can find many options with Christmas pencil trees to fit any space.

A Pencil Tree is designed to fit into smaller spaces. They look just like a full size tree, but with a much more slender shape. They are perfect for small apartments, or even a den or an office. Do you have a full sized tree in your main living area of your home, but want to add some festive touches to a smaller family room? A pencil tree is your answer.

The ultra slim shape makes a pencil tree fit perfectly into tight corners. If you are tired of moving furniture around every year to make room for a tree, this a great solution. The slim design allows these trees to fit almost anywhere, and since they are available in many different types, you are sure to find one that fits the style of your home and your personal taste.

Are you concerned that the smaller size won’t hold all of your decorations? Don’t worry, there is plenty of room for all of your ornaments. Even though these trees are slim, they are densely packed with branches to hold everything you want to put up. With heights up to 7.5 feet, you won’t run out of space!

Take a look at the wide array of colors and styles that these skinny trees come in.

Green Pencil Trees

Pencil trees are known to be the perfect tree for homes that are very limited on space. Slim trees may come in many colors, but sometimes traditional green is best.What makes a good thing even better? Having a prelit pencil tree! Most green trees come already strung with lights.Trees that are prelit will save you hours of frustration. There will be no more need to untangle string after string of tree lites. No more trying to make sure you have enough lites evenly spaced all over the tree so there will not be any lites bunched too closely together or too far apart.Prelit trees also save you time once the holidays are over because you do not need to remove them from your tree and store them. They are simply stored with the tree.

Black Pencil Trees

Looking for the hard-to-find black pencil tree? Look no more! Amazon has a nice selection of these designer black trees. Most are prelit, so you do not need to worry about struggling with stringing lights on your new tree.The pencil trees that are prelit have lights that are strung on dark wire, so the wires are nicely camouflaged in the tree. No need to be concerned that the wires will be visible in the stunningly dark tree.

White Pencil Trees

Black trees are lovely, but black isn’t the only designer color pencil trees are available in. White is another popular alternative to the traditional green Christmas tree.Just as with the black trees, some white trees come prelit with lights that are strung on white wire. The wire is carefully hidden so the wires will not be visible when you are looking at your tree. White pencil trees can make a small space look stunning.

Flocked Pencil Trees

Christmas and snow go hand-in-hand. Many of us have fond memories of seeing outdoor Christmas trees covered in snow and long to replicate the beauty of snow-covered trees in our homes. Well, with a flocked pencil tree, you can have just that. Flocked trees are simply beautiful to behold, especially at night, when the only lights visible are from the flocked tree.If you do not already know, all flocked trees will eventually yellow with time. The best way to care for your flocked tree is to store it between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range will help delay the yellowing process.

More Color Options

The trees seen above are just some of the colors that pentil trees come in. If you want a skinny tree in a non-traditional color, then take a look at these fun Christmas trees!

Would you rather not string the lights on your tree yourself? If you are looking to stay away from the hassle of untangling and checking for unlit bulbs every year, a pre-lit tree is your solution. Pencil trees, just like other artificial trees can be purchased pre-lit. The easy set up with lights already on the branches allows for more time to enjoy your tree! Choose from beautiful and simple white lights, or a colorful blend of Christmas colored lights.

A solution that will work year after year, Christmas pencil trees are the perfect choice for your home. Don’t let small spaces keep you from enjoying all that the Christmas season has to offer. Buy one now and enjoy decorating your pencil tree!