How to Care for a Live Christmas Tree

How to Care for a Live Christmas Tree

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Christmas isn’t just about the sights or the sounds of the holiday. It is also about the smells. The smell of warm cookies baking in the oven, or of Christmas ham on the table, is a sign that Christmas is here. Although these smells are great, the smell of a Christmas tree sitting in the living room is an unmistakable feature of Christmas. If you’ve decided to bring a tree home for the holidays, you’ll want to make sure that you do everything you can to keep it looking and smelling its best. Here’s some steps to take to ensure that your tree lasts the entire season looking like it did when you first brought it home.

Water, Water, Water

A Christmas tree is a plant. Plants need water to survive. Therefore, Christmas trees need water to survive. This seems like such a simple step, but many first-time live tree buyers don’t think to take the steps necessary to keep a tree well-watered.

Generally, the stand you use to hold your tree should hold about a quart of water for every inch of your tree base’s diameter. This will ensure that the right amount of water is available. It is not possible to over-water your tree. The tree will absorb all that it can, and then stop until it can take in more. The part of the tree that absorbs water the best is the outside of the tree stem. This is why you should never carve down your tree to fit your base. If it is too wide, find another base that will accommodate it.

It is also important to refill your tree stand’s water supply. At the very least, it should be checked daily, and replenished if necessary. Make sure the bottom of the tree is still in contact with the water – if the tree stem isn’t actually in the water, the tree can’t absorb it.

Decorating Your Tree

Aside from failing to water the tree properly, the mistake most people make that damages their Christmas tree is to decorate it improperly. This may be the result of too many lights, or decorations that are too heavy for the branches.

Christmas lights are an important part of any Christmas tree display, but they should be arranged properly. Putting too many lights on a tree generates a lot of heat. Not only does the heat cause the tree to dry out faster, but it can also be a serious fire hazard, especially if you are not being cautious about overloading your power outlets.

When decorating your tree, be sure not to hang too much weight off of each branch. Save heavier ornaments for branches that developed thick and strong, and use lighter hollow ornaments on the shorter, thinner branches. Branches that are very thin should only have tinsel and maybe a small, lightweight ornament.

Live Christmas trees have been a traditional part of a family’s holiday celebrations for hundreds of years. When you bring home a live tree, you are doing your part to keep that tradition alive. With the proper care of your Christmas tree, you can keep the tree alive as well.