Christmas Carousels

Christmas Carousels Make Wonderful Gifts!

Christmas carousels are wonderful gifts to give to those on your gift list. One benefit of giving a carousel as a gift is it that it can become a traditional part of their Christmas decorations for years to come. Another benefit of a holiday carousel is that it provides visual beauty to any holiday decor while its music enhances the holiday atmosphere.

Giving a carousel to a baby or to the parents who are celebrating their baby’s first Christmas could start a collectible tradition. Carousels are mesmerizing and romantic. Just about any wife or girlfriend would appreciate receiving a carousel at Christmas, as well as children.

Many people collect carousels. The music of a carousel often brings back pleasant memories of trips to a carnival they enjoyed when young. The unique sound of a carousel can lift a person’s spirit. Many people will watch a carousel and think back to which animal they always chose to ride on.

Now that you know the benefits of Christmas carousels, take a look at the many different types of carousels you can choose from.

Carousel Ornaments

Carousels became popular in the early 1900s. They were adorned with beautiful, often life-sized animals of all kinds. There is no denying the magic that people experience when looking at carousels, which is why they are still popular today.You can add this magic to your Christmas tree by hanging carousel ornaments. You can find ornaments of horses, lions, reindeer, even mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns.A carousel Christmas ornament is a welcome addition to any holiday tree!

Mr. Christmas Carousels

Mr. Christmas is a company that excels at making highly sought-after collectible carousels. They create their own custom micro chips so their sounds are of a higher quality than much of their competitors. When you have a Mr. Christmas carousel, you have an item that you will be proud to own for many, many years.Their Gold Line products are their highest quality items. This is the line that creates their World’s Fair line of vintage-style rides, including the World’s Fair Swing Carousel, seen below.

Brass Chimes Christmas Carousels

Brass Christmas chimes, also commonly known as angel chimes, are a traditional carousel that dates back many years. The carousel spins only when the candles are lit. The heat from the candles rises, causing the carousel to spin. The spinning angels tap the bells as they go by, creating a lovely Christmas sound.

Advent Calendar Christmas Carousels

The advent calendar has been around for ages, but the carousel version is a new twist on an old tradition. These carousels are both clever and cute!If you treat these advent calendars with care, you can reuse it year after year.

Some people want carousels because of the nostalgic connection they feel while others simply collect them for their beauty. Certain carousels can be quite valuable to collectors. Some people like to collect carousels from different countries to display their unique qualities.

A carousel that plays holiday music, as well as music that is appropriate for year round enjoyment, is an absolutely wonderful item to give to an elderly person living alone or in an assisted living facility. Make sure the carousel is easy to turn on, to prevent problems from arthritis. The receiver of the carousel can listen to it any time she wants to. It could be the most beautiful item in her room.

For the time the carousel is playing people can lose themselves in memories and music. When the carousel is turned off they still have the benefit of enjoying its beauty. A Christmas carousel could well be what they need most to make the holidays less depressing. The same is true for someone who is facing an illness during the holidays. An imaginary escape down memory lane can be a welcome diversion from their fear or pain.

The beauty and the sound of a carousel can make almost anyone feel better. When you’re feeling sad, you might need to buy a carousel for yourself. You deserve to be mesmerized by its beauty and motion while letting the music lift your spirit.

Whether you are giving a Christmas Carousel as a gift, or keeping it for yourself, there is no denying the appeal and beauty found in these traditional carousels. They invoke a sense of nostalgia in young and old alike, taking us back to seemingly simpler times.